Fact : The banking industry

is nowhere near as globalized

as other industries -  -

C. I. B.  will lead this change.


Central Internet Bank  (  C. I. B.  )
c/o  Polymer Valley Special Projects
Cambridge, OH   USA




Central Internet Bank

Our edge : The new American energy market .

C. I. B.

Plans  incl. our  Star Sapphire Club  featuring  C. I. B.  Growth Funds , Technology Funds , 1 0 3 1  Exchange  and  Healthcare  Solutions ,  plus dining, travel,  discounts  &  more.



Mission  Statement

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Announcing the only online bank

    directly grounded in the

       new American energy market.*

"The Web cannot exceed the size 

of its own bank.- D.B. Keller, C.I.B. Creator,

                  Polymer Valley  * Special Projects

                                       Coming soon .