Central Internet Bank

Mission  Statement

C. I. B.

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We believe blockchain technology will only work if everyone focuses it on the largest, most exclusive  interactive single scale .

Polymer Valley's planned IoT Science Park in NE Ohio, USA,  is the winning BTC / blockchain combination for future establishment and growth of

Central Internet Bank .

Fact: The banking industry is nowhere near as globalized as other industries .

C.I.B. will lead this change, controlled by the community through smart contracts and democratic voting .

Only Polymer Valley

 (parent company) has the

   critical full-scale infrastructure

    necessary to create our own

     Parallel Business Network

       based on transformative

         blockchain-banking technology.

        "The Web cannot exceed the size

                 of its own bank."

               - D.B. Keller, C.I.B. Creator,

                     Polymer Valley   Special Projects

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